Principles of Unity

The Battle of Ideas

Peoples’ Anti-Colonial Press (PA-CP) was established as a vehicle for countering liberal-hegemonic ideas by publishing and promoting digestible writing and education grounded in anti-imperialism, feminism, materialism, and scientific socialism. 

Our role is to (1) provide educational resources towards anti-colonial applications of Marxism and to (2) study, analyze, and promote political struggles of the working class, anti-imperialist movements, struggles against racism and patriarchy, and the self-determination of nations in the periphery and semi-periphery, as well as Indigenous Nations in the Imperialist core.

Ideological Clarity

The political tendencies of PA-CP can be summarized as anti-colonial, communist, and revolutionary feminist. PA-CP prioritizes publishing the analyses of processes over the analyses of events and only recognizes scientific study, meaning that subjects and phenomena in question are not isolated from their environments.

Building Community

We welcome submissions from all levels of authorship. We especially encourage newer writers from Black, Indigenous, and other oppressed or colonized communities to contribute. 

We welcome writings, graphics, videos, translations of other works, and translations of our works. Any contributions will be approved for publication by our editorial council.