Join the Cuban People in Resisting Imperialist Attacks and Agitation

#HandsOffCuba #VivaLaRevolucion The people of Cuba and their chosen leadership, the Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC), have come under fire from a coordinated media assault and some minor agitation on the ground. We at the Peoples’ Anti-Colonial Press stand firmly with Cuba, the Cuban people, and the PCC against imperialist aggression and defamation.

As the US empire faces increased instability and uncertainty, the imperialists have renewed a strategic and organized campaign against socialist forces in Latin America and the Caribbean. Less than a week after the suspicious assasination of the extremely unpopular Hatian president, Jovenel Moïse, a meeting between CIA and Brazilian right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro, and an uncovered paramilitary insurgency plot against the revolutionary Venezuelan government, the people of Cuba and their chosen leadership, the Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC), have come under fire from a coordinated media assault and some minor agitation on the ground. 

Small protests numbering less than a thousand people, including participants bearing US flags and MAGA hats, were later dwarfed by massive pro-government counter-protests in a show of popular support for the PCC by the Cuban people. However, the US media manufactured their own narratives and were backed by a coordinated anti-communist social media campaign dubbed #SOSCuba. Ill-informed Americans began to echo the demands being perpetuated across the internet including calls for “freedom,” an answer to vaccine and food shortages, and arrogant ultimatums for the popularly supported socialist leadership to step down.

Medicine and food

The PCC understands that most governments cannot sell vaccines to Cuba, due to the globally condemned US economic blockade, and even worse that they would not be able to afford the mass quantities of such vaccines. The leadership immediately dedicated resources towards producing their own vaccine and the Cuban people then accomplished an amazing feat. Not only did their scientists develop five different vaccines, but Cuban vaccines Soberana 02 and Abdala are among the top five most effective COVID-19 vaccines in the world, with efficacy rates comparable to those developed by extremely well funded international pharmaceutical corporations. 

Sickeningly, as a result of the longest economic blockade in the modern era, Cuba has a shortage of 20 million syringes, which are necessary for vaccinating their population of more than 11 million. Cuba does not have the facilities or materials to manufacture these syringes so they have to rely on imports. Of course this is not abnormal for any nation. Even the world’s largest economy, the US empire, does not manufacture all commodities internally. One cannot expect a small island nation to be able to manufacture any and all necessities, especially when resources needed for manufacturing have to be imported. This is exactly what makes the sanctions and trade embargoes against Cuba so sinister. The US empire, acting as an international cop, blocks any and all trade possible between Cuba and the world, and then criticizes Cuba for not providing vaccines for its people. Imperialism is shameless.

Only a few weeks ago the Biden administration voted against a UN resolution demanding the end of the US economic blockade on Cuba. The US and Israel were the only countries voting against it, while 184 countries voted in favor. With this action the US continued its ongoing economic war against Cuba, a war that last year cost that small country $5 billion dollars in losses, making it much harder to acquire medical equipment to fight the pandemic, as well as equipment for food production. The US blockade is a flagrant violation of the rights of the Cuban people. These actions of the US government highlight the hypocrisy of the Biden administration and the US mainstream media about supporting the Cuban people’s demand for freedom. 

Whose freedom?

The center of the ideological campaign against socialism and Cuban sovereignty is the buzzword freedom. Nearly every headline and social media post generated by the imperialists and their running dogs features the demand for “freedom,” front and center. It’s no surprise that the question of freedom is highlighted without any clear or functional context. Instead, abstract remarks are made about a “regime” which has “restricted” “freedom” to people. 

Karl Marx, in On the Question of Free Trade (1848), wrote, “Do not allow yourselves to be deluded by the abstract word ‘freedom’. Whose freedom? It is not the freedom of one individual in relation to another, but the freedom of capital to crush the worker.” Does “freedom” magically create wealth and heal the difficult conditions faced by the Cuban people? Only undoing the violent sanctions and trade embargo can free the Cuban economy. 

In a globalized capitalist world, it is essential for a nation or state to be able to engage in the global economy. When other nations are barred from trading with Cuba, how can wealth be generated? Who is restricting the freedom of Cuba? Who intervenes in their sovereignty? Who is denying their civilian population food, medicine, syringes, and other vital commodities? The answer, plain and simple, is the US empire.

Neocolonialism at its prime

The US empire has learned that not only does direct military invasion and violent conflict result in popular backlash within the imperial core, but their militaries also suffer protracted resistance as was the case in Vietnam and is currently the case in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. Further, some nations struggling against imperialism, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have even prioritized the development of nuclear arms, specifically to deter US meddling and intervention.

To safeguard their own interests, the imperialists sharpened a new strategy. Stifling a target nation’s economy and creating widespread economic instability, blaming the state and ruling party for this instability, and finally, agitating and attempting to develop new anti-government forces within the nation. This is the tactic of neocolonialism. 

The events of this week are a continuation of escalated ideological warfare over the past few years. Illustrated clearly in a recent example, The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) spent over two years funding and covertly influencing Cuba’s hip-hop movement. “Dissident Cuban rappers” bearing right wing imagery and dangerous pro-intervention narratives were promoted. When they were subsequently censored by the Cuban government, the PCC was chided by imperialists for attacking free speech.

Running dogs of US imperialism

While it is clear that the #SOSCuba campaign was organized by the neoconservative right, with only Fox News and conservative social media personalities covering the events on the first day, the Washington Post and the rest of the neoliberal news outlets were quick to add their support one day later. Imperialist attacks on colonized peoples’ always unites the squabbling ruling classes in the empire.

More disappointing were average working class Americans, many also victims to US imperialism, helping to spread attacks against Cuba. Interestingly, one day before the anti-government protests, popular media personality Mia Khalifa, with a follower base of nearly 4 million, began vague attacks against Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel and the PCC. Though confusing at first, the attacks made sense the next day when the fully coordinated media strike took hold with accounts claiming to be from Cuba claiming the same messages, down to identical grammar. Many popular voices joined in on the attacks, working to shape American minds against the Cuban government and unfairly reducing Cuban peoples to be victims of themselves.

Fidel lives

The Cuban masses are not fooled by the imperialist tactics. Tens of thousands across the country came into the streets to counter-protest and show support for the revolution and their socialist government. One notable demonstration featured a chant declaring, “We are Fidel!”

Via Kawsachun News: Cubans chant “I am Fidel!”, as thousands flood the streets in defense of the revolution.
The city of Camagüey, Cuba mobilized in defense of the Revolution.

We at the Peoples’ Anti-Colonial Press stand firmly with Cuba, the Cuban people, and the PCC against imperialist aggression and defamation. We declare:

¡Viva la Revolución!
End the Blockade!
Hands off Cuba!

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